Nanuram Kumawat has entered the field of politics with a distinctive approach in the name of ‘Purusharth’. It is not a mere word rather an approach and an institution. The depth in this word is ineffable and holds a well-fulfilling guide towards life. Purusharth covers four major institutions, vis-à-vis, ‘Dharma’, ‘Artha’, ‘Kama’, and ‘Moksha’. The core message of this school of thought is to guide the youth towards nation building through personal growth and ensuring an all-round development.
‘Purusharth’ guides you to stay on the righteous path that is suggested and shown by ‘Dharma’ to earn and collect ‘Artha’ and relish the joys of life i.e. ‘Kama’ to attain & achieve ‘Moksha’ in the end. The message that this notion holds is not just insightful but also enlightening. ‘Purusharth’ is a way of living for each & every individual; irrespective of the cast, creed, gender, race and ethnicity. We want the youth of country to be connected and focused towards not only personal development but also national development. “Purusharth” takes the integrity of Lord Ram, the wit of Lord Krishna, the passion of Lord Shiva and the wisdom of Lord Vishnu to develop an approach that keeps the youth rooted in honesty and integrity and also helps to touch new highs each day.