Deep-rooted RSS Association:

Attracted by its ideologies based on Hindutva and Nationalism, Nanuram volunteered to be an ardent activist of the Rashtreeya Swayam sevak Sangh at an early age. Various trainings and teachings made him a disciplined and principled man. He successfully discharged many responsibilities assigned to him from time to time by the Sangh.


  • Primary : In 1993 -SaraswatiShishu Mandir, Khatiwala Tank, Indore.
  • First Year : In 1995 -LokmanyaTilak Vidyalaya, Indore.
  • Second Year: In 1996 -LokmanyaTilak Vidyalaya, Indore.
  • Third Year : In 2003 -Sangh Headquarters, Reshmibagh, Nagpur.

Other “Sangh” Activities

  • Dedicatedly worked for “Loktantrik Jan Jagriti” during Parliamentary elections in 1999, 2004, 2009; Madhya Pradesh State Assembly elections in 2003, 2008, 2013 and Indore Municipal Corporation elections in 2009.
  • Served as Head Trainer in district and department level winter camps.
  • Discharged duties in PrathamikVarg held at many places from 1996 to 2014 on various capacities like Gan-Shikshak, Mukhya Shikshak, Baudhik Pramukh, VargKaryavah and Vyavasta Pramukh.
  • Served as Chief Organizer in the combined Pratham, Dwiteey and ShikshaVarg held at Gujarati School, Vijay Nagar, Indore.
  • Besides other responsibilities, worked hardly as in-charge of sitting arrangements (sector-3) for the Hindu Sangam held in Jhabua in 2002.
  • Worked as Chief District Organizer for the ShabariKumbh Mela held in the Dang District of Gujarat.
  • Served as in-charge of complete transport arrangements for the “Samagam” of one lakh Swayamsevaks of Malwa region held on 6thJanuary 2014.
  • Played key role in organizing Swami VivekanandSardh Shati Daud in 2013 as Chief Coordinator of parking & transport.
  • Actively participated in relief activities like food distribution to flood-affected slum-dwellers.
  • Actively participated in public awareness drives, rallies, protest demonstrations, road blockades, Ram SetuAndolan, Amarnath Shrine Board and other movements during the Chief Ministership of Digvijay Singh.
  • Looked-after arrangements of transportation and reception during VishwaSangh