What is Purusharth:

‘Purusharth’ is a key concept in Hinduism. It is an approach and an institution. The depth in this word is ineffable and serves as the perfect guide towards leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. Purusharth is based on the four goals of human life: Dharma (righteousness, morality) Artha (wealth, prosperity), Kama (love, pleasure) and Moksha (salvation, liberation).

‘Purusharth’ is a way of living for each & every individual irrespective of cast, creed, gender, race and ethnicity. It encompasses the ideal persona of Lord Ram, intelligence of Lord Krishna, eternal power of Lord Shiva and wisdom of Lord Vishnu.

Under Purusharth Foundation, Nanuram initiates many social, cultural and religious/spiritual activities for the welfare of people and society at large. He is the driving force behind various welfare activities specifically meant to benefit the poor and downtrodden. By involving people in such activities, especially youth, he inspires them to relentlessly work for the society and contribute towards building a strong and prosper nation.

  • Purusharth Vasudaiva Kutumbakam Seva Sansthan successfully organized an year-long drive of 100 crore “Ram-nam lekhan” (writing Ram’s name) in 2017-18 in Indore for social harmony, nation’s prosperity and building Sri Ram Temple at Ayodhya. This holy drive culminated in a “Samman Samaroh” ceremony on 31st July 2018 wherein the devotees wrote “Ram” 10,80,000 times.
  • Mass Hanuman Chalisa: On 31st January 2017 Purusharth organized mass Hanuman Chalisa recital in the esteemed presence of Shri Uttam Swamiji Maharaj at Jwalamata Mandir, Shivshakti Nagar, Indore. The chain of mass Hanuman Chalisa recital continued at several temples and other places.

Continuing the initiative, Purusharth organized a chain of mass Hanuman Chalisa recital on 27th May 2017 at the same time at 135 locations in Indore attended by over 8300 people. This unprecedented initiative was recognized by India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. The closing ceremony of this initiative was attended by over 4000 people from about 900 families.

  • Bloood Donation: Purusharth organizes regular blood donation camps and honours blood donors with certificates.
  • Saplings Plantation: Purusharth organized saplings plantation on 2nd July 2017 on the banks of Narmada River as part of the Madhya Pradesh Government’s drive to plant six Crore plants on a single day.